Cry Not for Me...

Shadows fall upon the world of my loved ones
They no longer see the dew upon the rose
The sun has slipped behind a darkened rain cloud
Their souls are clenched in pain as sorrow grows
From the surface of their minds they have set forth
Pursuing each daily chore with melancholy face
That yields no more, no less than asked
And yet, I long to reach right out and say aloud
Cry not for me my friends, hear the music in my heart
And kiss my memory-’Farewell’.

I have lived so well upon this earth
I have followed many paths to reach the sun
If I had troubles, or pain, or heartaches
I cherished more the smiles, a thousand more, when one
Had said to me in friendship - ‘I wish you well!’
They were sweet words I treasured long.
To the hilltops, to the clouds to the moon and stars beyond
To a pasture glistening with fresh rain - I run
So, cry not for me, my friends, hear the music in my heart
And kiss my memory ‘Farewell’

(c) Ruth Van Gramberg.

Little Pebbles and Stepping Stones
Compositions from the heart
by Ruth Van Gramberg - 2005
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