Canvas of My Love...

I have often sat in pensive mood
And drawn a picture of you!
One who cared and loved and understood
Little complicated me.
You would listen with your heart
And feel my passion
Unspoken words - a chasm
Laid softly aside..
Your dear face and hands
Indelibly patterned on my soul..
The vibrant helping hand
The force that governed my life
And guided me to safety shores...
They still enfold!
You are not with me now
And are!
Shadows and dreams my cushions
Caressed by darkness
Loneliness and Longings I cannot hide
This painting is you, my Love
I hang it gently in my heart
With pride!

(c) Ruth Van Gramberg

Little Pebbles and Stepping Stones
Compositions from the heart
by Ruth Van Gramberg - 2005
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