You left behind -

by Ruth Van Gramberg ©

I composed this yesterday for a celebrant was looking for something appropriate.  It's theme was for a brother or sister who has suicided, which may be changed appropriately to suit. In this instance a sister 21 lost her brother 24! .. Warm thoughts, Ruth

For all the years we had you to ourselves,
Little did we know - the burdens trapped inside
You were our family, a special part of us,
Your sparkling eyes and witty words denied
Your helpful ways, they touched us all so deeply,
Your daily actions proudly held intent
Ambitious goals that you would one day savour,
Those dreams alas, were for a short time lent.
Plans designed – they’ve suddenly all perished ...
Leaving souvenirs, drenched with many a tear
Saddened hearts hold tender moments cherished,
Concealed emptiness, a burden hard to bear.
You were my hero, my brave and handsome sibling,
I felt so proud to skip along beside
Through growing years, caressing each experience,
I sensed with you each thrill, each crag, each ride.
We did but glimpse all of the “might have been”
The laughter, jokes and smiles, they stifle pain
Your loving spirit touched us all; your loved ones,
Leaving echoes deep inside in soft refrain.
Scattered pictures ... we gaze upon unlimited,
Like fragrant leaves and petals they remind
Your face, your light; all lovingly committed,
On each and every heart 'you left behind'!

Ruth Van Gramberg

Civil Marriage Family and Funeral Celebrant

Ringwood, Vic. 3134



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