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A Meditation for Those Left behind . . . .

For the 10th Anniversary of the Bali Bombing

Author: Robyn O'Connell

We must not, and should not, forget that for some the hurt will never go away.

It’s here again,
where did that time go!
There’s a hole in my heart,
though no one would know

Strangers see me walking
and talking like normal folk do
But they can’t see what is inside,
a heart that is still broken in two

Yes I go on with life
and I try to hide my pain
Even if I told others of it
what good would it gain?

Sometimes I tire of the pity
or the ‘oh sorry’ they say
Their life too
could change in just one day

Don’t think I have forgotten
Even though it’s been so long
You come to mind so easily
Even listening to a song

And so few will know the pain on days like this
or the ache that always stays
Because sometimes it is not just this time of year
but so many of my days.

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