The Celebrants Network supports marriage equality

As defined by our Constitution, The Celebrants Network is a non-profit association of celebrants and others who support

  1. the principle of human and civil rights and responsibilities for all citizens;
  2. the need for anti-discrimination legislation, policies and practices for all people regardless of their race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, education, economic standing and religion/ or lack thereof;
  3. the role civil celebrants can play in the promotion and protection of human and civil rights and responsibilities through ceremony and celebrations and their associated activities.

Summary of TCN Inc Position

  • TCN supports Marriage Equality - changing the definition of marriage from "a man and a woman" to "two adults"

  • TCN supports Religious Tolerance - religious couples having the right to be married by a minister of their faith.

    Note:  Under Section 47, all religious celebrants are currently exempted from marrying couples who do not share their beliefs

  • TCN supports Celebrants Equality  - TCN recommends modified Sections 45 and 46 apply to all couples and all celebrants and that all marriage celebrants be treated with the same respect and common principles of authorisation.

    In this regard, TCN Inc supports the goals and objects of Australia's peak celebrant body The Coalition of Celebrant Associations (CoCA) Inc., especially in relation to child and forced marriage.

TCN Inc Objectives are to strengthen family and community networks through civil ceremonies and celebrations


    • Civility (being civilized - cooperation, compassion, care, courtesy, chivalry)
    • Creativity (celebrate and encourage different talents and interests)
    • Companionship (cooperative partnerships, family and friendships, groups)
    • Citizenship (respect, equality, valuing justice –“a fair go”, free speech, diversity and community)

Civil ceremonies and celebrations are inclusive promoting tolerance and respect for harmonious and healthier communities.

TCN welcomes anyone who support the TCN goals and objectives to join as either

  • Celebrant members - whether marriage, general, funeral or celebrants for all occasions


  • Affiliate members - whether an individual, celebration business, community worker or another professional




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