Civil unions

Marriage commenced and is a civil private relationship Marriage commenced and is a civil private relationship Pixabey

Same sex relationships are gaining legal and public acceptance

Australia is one of the countries that has now enacted legislation to grant same sex couples the right to marry. 

There are as well various jurisdictions that have established relationship registers, which granted those registered the ability to publicly notify their relationship.

Such recognition can be grounds to verify the relationship's nature and duration should this be needed, usually for matters related to sickness or death of one of the parties in the relationship

Public recognition is important in its own right.

Not only is public recognition a step towards greater acceptance and support by the wider community, it is an important step in the life of the couples, whether straight or LGBTIQ.

A public affirmation of love and commitment to one another made before one's family and friends:

  • allows your partner to hear and experience how loved they are and how important your relationship is in your life
  • allows you to hear and experience how loved you are and how important your relationship is in your partner's life
  • adds depth and power to your commitment to each other
  • gives you family and friends the opportunity to offer their understanding and support

Getting married or having a Commitment Ceremony, ie making a lifelong commitment to love and support your partner, is a rite of passage that enhances your life.

Having such a ceremony, after you have made a partnership registration or civil union, if that is one that does not involve a personalised ceremony, can be extremely meaningful too.

As your union may then be affirmed by your family and friends.

Australia's change in legislation is important to ensure same sex couples have the same civil rights and protections as heterosexual couples.

It is always worth remembering that loving someone for a life time is a choice we make, something to be supported but not able to be dictated by law.

Many celebrants are friendly and would love the opportunity to work with you to create a beautiful, meaningful and memorable ceremony, whether that be a commitment ceremony or a celebration of civil union.

If you have any hassles finding a celebrant for you, or would like more information, please contact us.

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