How to have a big celebration on a small budget

Many couples  do not want, or cannot afford to spend a huge amount on their wedding.

So what do you do if you want a large traditional wedding day but don't want to break the bank?

One way to cut costs while still having a big celebration is a new twist on the old tradition - sharing the planning and costs across family and friends - instead of guests buying a traditional "gift'. 

One of our members knows a couple who held a wedding for over 200 guests for less than $3,000.  To do this they:

  1. created their own invitations in Word and sent these by email
  2. asked guests to bring a "plate" and their own drinks instead of a traditional gift
  3. booked a suitable sized community hall for the reception in a reasonably central location
  4. asked friends to assist with decorating the tables and the hall
  5. paid for a couple of people to look after the kitchen and food
  6. asked some musician friends to provide the music
  7. had one set of the parents donate the cake
  8. had the other set of parents pay for the celebrant
  9. received a gift from a guest for an hour of professional photography
  10. held the marriage ceremony in the community hall before the reception so there was no need for hire cars
There are lots of ways to have a fun celebration with a large group of family and friends without a huge expense.

Some other ways to reduce costs:
  • Having a wedding breakfast, morning or afternoon tea or cocktail reception rather than a dinner.
  • Having a wedding picnic - although that can be risky if the weather turns poor.
  • Keep numbers down to the people you really want to be with you
  • DIY as much as you can - family and friends can help to find bargains for every aspect of your wedding 
  • Be creative - chat on bridal forums and get ideas.

If there is something that is really important to you - the dress of your dreams, or your partner arriving on a Harley for example - then allow for those expenses and cut elsewhere - just stay on budget


Your celebrant from The Celebrants Network may have money saving ideas and suggestions to help you plan  - just ask.

Last modified on Friday, 31 January 2020 23:57