Marriage preparation

Prepare for a life time of love Prepare for a life time of love Pixabay 559429
"All you need is love, love, love .... " - most people know that famous phrase from the Beatles song

We don't need marriage preparation courses. We know we love each other and love conquers all doesn't it !

Others say "We've lived together so we know how compatible we are!"

Well there is a grain of truth in all statements .. but a grain is not the whole plant.

Loving someone and being able or willing to live harmoniously with them for the rest of our lives may be two quite different things.

Most people love their parents and/ or siblings but that doesn't necessarily mean being able to live with them forever!

Having love in our lives is vital. Life is hard to sustain without receiving or giving understanding, respect, compassion, kindness, warmth, loyalty, patience, forgiveness, justice, trust, humility, truth and strength of spirit. Expecting our husband or wife to fulfill all our needs for love perfectly all the time is too tall an order. We still need relationships with family, friends and our communities to sustain us through life's ups and downs.

Living with others needs much more than love. It means knowledge, understanding and skills to put that love into action. Both knowledge and understanding of human nature, ones partner's and one's own nature specifically, and skills in effective communication; stress, anger and time management; goal setting, problem solving and conflict resolution to name a few.

Relationship education comprises programs, workshops and courses designed to enhance people's relationship knowledge and skills in the areas outlined above.

Such programs can make a good relationship even better !

Some of these programs are available in DVDs or online, others in face to face sessions for couples or in groups.
Your marriage celebrant from The Celebrants Network can provide information about these services

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