Do you mean a vow renewal ceremony?

Do you mean a vow renewal ceremony? Pixabay 495273

When you mention ceremonies for Wedding Anniversaries - Are you meaning we organise a Renewal of Marriage Vows?


Not at all.

A  Renewal of Vows Ceremony requires the couple to make a public promise that many feel is too personal and intimate for a public occasion.

And certainly surprise renewals are not respectful of the couple, and could back-fire!

Let’s face it – Australians are not known for their romantic and mushy loving ways!

So unless that is a ceremony initiated by both partners, it is much more appropriate to have a family based Wedding Anniversary ceremony focusing on:

  • the Marriage itself up until this point in time,
  • with maximum participation by family and friends as possible, and
  • congratulations and best wishes for the future!

Civil Celebrants are a good way to have someone independent help you plan and deliver a meaningful and personal event.

Last modified on Wednesday, 23 September 2015 21:45