TCN recommends marriage law changes for respectful relationships

What does TCN recommended for unified respectful approach to Australian marriage?

TCN Inc recommends Australia applies the same basic conditions in all marriage ceremonies for issues relating to Child and Forced Marriage.

Upholding marriage as a relationship between two consenting adults can then form part of an educative strategy on the nature of marriage under Australian law. TCN Inc recommends the following:
  1. Every marriage ceremony includes consent by the parties to the marriage in the presence of an authorised celebrant and their witnesses, whether the ceremony is religious or civil - revise Section 45 to include all marriage celebrants.

  2. The Marriage Vows for all marrying couples to be in plain English and modernised from the 1836 version upon which they were based to ensure the parties to the marriage state clearly "I, A (or B), take you, B (or A), to be my wife (or husband or spouse) or words to that effect" - revise Section 45 to include all couples.

  3. Every marriage celebrant makes clear to the parties of the marriage, their witnesses and all guests that a marriage according to Australian law is being conducted and that the celebrant is authorised by law to witness and register the marriage - revise Section 46 and 113 to apply to all marriage celebrants. 
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