AGD Statistics 2013 October

October 2013:
 Table 1 Registrations

Note: Total registered celebrants (green) only includes celebrants who were registered as at 31 December of that year. This does not include celebrants who were registered at some point in that year but were subsequently taken off the Register due to resignation, deregistration or any other reason.

Table 2 Applications

Table 3 Deregistrations

Table 4 Incoming Correspondence

Table 5 OPD Compliance

Reasons for OPD Exemptions
The Registrar of Marriage Celebrants may grant an OPD exemption on the basis of:

  • exceptional circumstances, eg due to illness or other personal reasons
  • a new celebrant’s registration falls late in the OPD year such that it is not feasible to complete OPD that year, or
  • a three-year OPD exemption was granted because an already-registered celebrant completed the Certificate IV in Celebrancy. (Celebrant had to be enrolled in the Certificate IV in Celebrancy by 30 June 2010 and had to provide evidence of enrolment by 14 August 2010.)

Table 6 Complaints

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