Make your directory entry look great

Make your directory entry look great Pixabay 1249568

How does your current entry look to the public?

>  Go to The Celebrants Network homepage -

>  Search for a celebrant in your location - so you can see how other directory entries from people in your area look. Make sure you click the ‘Read More’ button to get into the full entry to see how different people complete their entries.

Time to upgrade your entry?

>  You must LOGIN to edit your directory entry

>  Click the "Read More" on your own entry

>  You will see the EDIT button next to your name

>  Click the EDIT, then choose EDIT in the dropdown menu. You will be taken into the EDITING page for your entry. Be careful not to delete or disable your entry by clicking on the wrong word.

>  Click on the red words on the left hand side - these give you instructions for each section.

>  As you work through the sections you can change anything that has been put in as part of your basic entry if it does not seem right to you.

>  Celebrant Image - Your profile image must be square 800 x 800 (if it is too small it will be pixilated on certain screens. If you need help resizing your image, you can text a photo from your phone to Shell on 0408 490 074 and she will try to resize it for you.

> Celebrant Background - please keep this section to 35 words (this makes the front page of directory more visually consistent) - you can continue your background in the next section.

>  Facebook - Write your business name or in the first box and then the URL link in the http:// box underneath. This makes it look neater rather than a line of letters and numbers.

>  Gallery - this is where you can add up to 10 images of you at work. The images must be landscape at 800 x 600.

>  Categories - You can choose THREE location categories to place yourself in. If the ones that have been selected for you do not seem right choose your state, then choose 3 locations and click ‘Add Category’

>  Meta Description and Meta Keywords will be added for you in the initial set up of your directory entry, however you can change these to suit or as your situation changes.

>  SAVE - anytime you make a change you must click SAVE ENTRY at the end.

Word Files to assist in preparation:

Use this template (or type the information on a word document).  You can then cut and paste each section and avoid being "timed out" as you compose.

Template   My_Celebrant_Directory_.docx

Any questions or difficulties, always contact us

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