The Celebrants Network - Credibility

The Celebrants Network - Credibility Pixabay 924569

Being part of a reputable group confers credibility upon its members.


Being part of a professional celebrant association that is a member of the Coalition of Celebrant Associations (CoCA) is important

  • TCN Inc is working to improve the professionalism of celebrants via its own network and via CoCA
  • TCN Inc, via CoCA interacts regularly with the Attorney General's department
  • Being part of a professional association or network implies that its members are aiming for a high quality of service and are aware of issues such as insurance and copyright protection
  • Professional celebrant networks keep their members informed and facilitate discussion about changes in legislation and business practices
  • Highlighting this aspect in your marketing plan is also important. Only 30% of celebrants are members of an association and thus this is another point of difference in your favour.

 It is to your advantage to

  • ensure your TCN Inc membership is displayed on your website and in your publicity/ marketing tools.
  • ensure that your directory entry is kept up to date 
  • participate actively in TCN events, promotions and outreach activities
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