The Celebrants Network PR leaflets

The Celebrants Network sells these pamplets for you to add a label with your contact details.

These are tools for members to use 

  • for their individual clients, and/or
  • to support your community talks, networking with community organisations, expos and clients.

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Current products - Click Here

  • Celebrants do more than weddings and funerals   

“Celebrants          Celebrants do more than weddings and funerals

  • It's Time to plan your Final Farewell

its time 1 x 300      its time 2 x 300


  • Memorials: The New Funerals?

       its time 2 x 300

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Please contact us with any suggestions

PR Tools under review

Do you have suggestions for the style, colour, font, text, images etc. of these leaflets or an additional one in the series?

  • Celebrants to suit your style - does not say what that style may be!


  • Act now before your final farewell - to promote pre-funeral ceremony planning



Perhaps you are a Network member and would like to apply for Our  Community Outreach Grant to redesign one of these, or have another Target Group and Celebration in mind? 

Either way please contact us 

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