Creating 'Our Marriage Vows' certificates

Download this Word Template to over-print this certificate to match the layout of the gold or silver stamping.

If you do not have Edwardian Font, please contact us

There are different ceremonies and different ways to use them.

One TCN celebrant member shares:

"I use an "Our Marriage Vows" certificate as a surprise for the couple to sign immediately after they have signed all the required legal documents, and before changing the seating over to the witnesses.

Then I present the OMV Certificate to them in front of the guests after presenting the Marriage Certificate with words to the effect -

Also today X and Y have signed their personal marriage vows.

I suggest they find a beautiful frame and a suitable place in their home, so every anniversary they will be able to look back and remember what a wonderful day they have had with you, their family and friends."

Notes on this template:

  • The background has the plain text and dotted lines for the Signatures and the date.
  • The Date section has a text box overlaying this with Edwardian font. Click into this to change the date
  • The large text area for the vows is two rows and two columns of a table, without borders being shown.
    - the right hand column (top row and bottom rows) are in Edwardian font for the first names of the parties to the marriage.
    - the left hand column (top row and bottom rows) are in plain text for the vows.
    - change the size of the plain font to fit the vows in as required
    - this text box can be moved up or down to space the vows evenly between the header and the Date line if the vows are rather short.
  • The smaller text area above the Celebrant's Signature is in Edwardian font for the names of the parties to the marriage.
  • Any questions, please feel free to contact us

our marriage vows template

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