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The Celebrants Network Shop aims to supply quality versatile products at affordable prices - to make you reasonably self sufficient in creating your own ceremony certificates and other ceremonial mementos. 

CCN approach to stationery 250

The Celebrants Network Approach To Celebrant Stationery explains the range of items for sale to celebrants from our non-profit celebrant based association.

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Our strategies are to:

  • provide ideas and materials to 'personalise' civil ceremonies in ways not easily achievable by the Registry Offices or the churches

  • give our members ways to differentiate themselves from other celebrants
  •   give members ways to gain additional income from- specialised certificates & products
    • selling appropriate members' products on commission (ie a mechanism for members to sell on commission products and services they generate, that may or may not be a potential conflict of interest for them.)
    • providing additional advertising options for own celebrancy or other business activities (ie a mechanism for members to advertise products and services they generate, that may or may not be a potential conflict of interest for them, via the advertising section of the website.)
  • provide basic and specialized stationery & resource materials to our members at discounted prices
  • provide geographically isolated members with access to resources not available in their areas

    Note: High petrol costs, your time and the lower cost of products to The Celebrants Network members makes buying on-line or by phone more economical.

There are a number of celebrant stationery suppliers. The Celebrants Network suggests you check with us, if you see something better or that we don't seem to have. Usually we have alternative products for specific reasons.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your needs.

Copyright applies to ALL The Celebrants Network products - so such products are only to be used for the individual celebrant purchaser's needs, and may not be used by anyone else

ALL The Celebrants Network products - are kept at affordable prices for the benefit of members. Thus there should be no need to break copyright by sharing files or cd's etc.  To do so will increase prices and disadvantage everyone.

Starting Out as a Civil Celebrant - some stationery suggestions

White Presentation Business Folders with business card slot - Blank Front

  • is small enough to be posted as a Large Envelope
  • has a slot for your business card
  • can be dressed up with gold or silver craft stickers such as a pair of wedding rings

White Presentation Business Folders with business card slot - Stamped Front 

* Gold Your Ceremony
* Silver Your Ceremony

Marriage Register Folder - loose leafed (eliminates need for hand writing into a Register)

  • Holds one set marriage papers.
  • Celebrant must still keep their own copy in date order.
  • The Celebrants Network suggests an acid free 40 pocket display album, that will hold 80 marriage ceremonies.

Ceremony Register - for all other ceremonies - folders or album.

The Celebrants Network sells

  • Marriage Register Folders and Ceremony Register Folders (for use like the Marriage Register Folder) 
  • Albums with 20 or 40 display album insert inside.

Ceremonies Readers - Album from which to read ceremonies
The Celebrants Network has A4 and A5 options to suit your budget.

Ceremony Planners - Weddings, Namings etc.

The Celebrants Network suggests you create your own using our 10 or 20 pocket clear plastic folders. (Hold 20 and 40 pages respectively.)

Ceremony Memento Folders

The Celebrants Network suggests you use our 10 pocket clear plastic folder for simple ceremony mementos.

Pages for Guests to Sign and place for the Marriage Certificate eliminates the need for an envelope are two of the advantages.

Celebrant Albums - to read ceremonies from

Available in A5 and A4 in a variety of colours 

10, 20, 30 and 40 pockets

Albums for presentation to the Guest/s of honour

Same as above 

  • Guest Appreciation albums (can be filled in prior to the event or on the night) 
    Pages for text and photos
  • 'This is Your Life' style albums - Pages for text and photos.  
  • 'From Birth to Coming of Age' 'Highlights & Memories' etc
  • Personalised to suit the occasion

    NB Can arrange to have the Album Cover gold stamped with the person or persons' names

Leatherette or Cloth Covered Albums

Hold 20, 40 or 80 sheets of paper.  Can be used as above.

These may also be used for "This is Your Life" style ceremonies to hold personal histories, photos and other memorabilia.

Web Page or Website with Domain Name and Hosting

Consider purchasing your own domain name, and a Domain Manager.

Then point your domain name to a web page listing you have. We suggest your listing on our TCN website, because you can edit that at no extra cost.

There are many places you may buy domain names on the web. If you want our assistance, we suggest you use Jumba to purchase a Domain Name and Domain Manager.

Code of Practice Advertising

Take care. Some advertising strategies return little or no referrals. 

Networking with other celebration suppliers is a low cost and efficient way to gain referrals by word of mouth. 

The Celebrants Network Inc has  a promotional strategy using the Gold Rose and free local directory entries for local celebration suppliers.

A web presence is an important tool to consider as part of your marketing plan and business operations. See the TCN Celebrant Shop

Templates for Preparing Forms and Certificates

The Celebrants Network Members receive free access to these to download.

  • Marriage forms
  • General ceremony register forms
  • General Certificates
  • Wedding Stationery
  • Funeral Forms
  • Motif templates

    NB Copyright applies - meaning these templates should only to be used by the purchaser, not passed onto others.

Blank card & templates  ie Quality Materials for making certificates 

  • Cream 150 gsm card with shiny gold stamped border
  • White 150 gsm card with shiny gold stamped border
  • White 150 gsm card with shiny with shiny silver border
  • White 176 gsm cardwith gold matt border and gum leaves motif

    NB All above available in A4 and A5 unless noted otherwiseAll paper acid free & suitable for bubble-jet and laser printers
    Therefore may be over-printed with coloured or black and white artwork motifs and/ or photos

Pre printed Certificates 

  • Celebration of Marriage
  • Renewal of Marriage Vows
  • Commitment
  • Naming and godparent, grandparent and great grandparent

    NB The shop has no printed certificates in stock.
    All are printed in-house individually on a colour laser printer thus are more expensive than those you can make yourself
    A limited range is available - black text on white gold card.
    If you have a special need, ask for a quote ... with some warning, the Shop can assist

Certificate holders and folders

  • A4 Maroon leather grained holder with gold stamped decorative pattern
  • A4 White shiny cardboard - dressed up with gold or silver stickers
    See through plastic folders in 10 pockets can be used to hold all the memento copy of ceremony, quest congratulations and wishes, government marriage certificate and additional 'Our Marriage Vows' certificate if desired Advantage keeps every thing together, and clean & dry in case drink is spilt at reception


  • A4 See through clear plastic acid-free envelopes - holds white & cream card
    Advantages: keeps card clean, requires no over-printing as card inside can be read clearly
  • A4 plain white
  • A4 plain cream with 'Guest Congratulations & Wishes' on reverse side 

  • A5 See through clear plastic acid-free envelopes - holds white& cream card
    Advantages: keeps card clean, requires no over-printing as card inside can be read clearly
  • A5 Cream envelopes 
    Discounted prices available to move the stock to make way for new items

Stickers to dress up certificates and holders

  • Gold outline stickers - look like embossing when placed on card
  • Silver outline stickers - look like embossing when placed on card
    NB Means overprinting can be restricted to black only thus saving on coloured ink


For weddings, funerals, other ceremonies - with tips for ceremonies and /or poetry

Sample Kits

Provide a cross section of paper types and motifs, plus a plastic and paper folder which may also be useful for giving client's an idea of choices available to them for their memento ceremony copy, and matching certificates. 

Starter Packs

For Marriage Celebrants (everything you need, except government marriage Form 15 certificates and free 'Happily Ever After' brochures) better than Canprint option for those who want to travel light and have a more secure system.

NB If you have a special need please let the Shop know


  • Consider ordering more, but less often


  • share with a celebrant friend
For a comprehensive investigation of oThe Celebrants Network stationery and other products, visit our Celebrant Shop (green menu bar above):

Please contact us if you would like to more information, or to make suggestions about products and services the TCN Celebrant Shop may be able to sell.

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