Form 15 marriage certificates

Form 15 - Couples Copy

These are the only certificates a celebrant can not make for themselves.

CANPRINT is the only Attorney-General's approved supplier of Form 15 Marriage Certificates.

CANPRINT: Contact Details

  • Email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  • Telephone  1300 656 863

  • Facsimile  (02) 6293 8333



  • the Form 15 Marriage Certificates (fees apply) and
  • the Happily Ever Before and After Brochures (free but postage applies)

Best to order these two items together.

Please contact us if either of these links becomes out-of-date, as Canprint changes its website structure from time to time.

For ALL Other Marriage Stationery and Marriage Register Folders etc. our TCN Celebrant Shop can assist, such as

  • Templates for

    • Notice of Intended Marriage (prev. Form 13)

    • No Impediment to Marriage (prev. Form 14)

    • Marriage Certificate - for Registration and Celebrant Copy  (prev. Form 16)  

    • Decorative "Celebration of Marriage" , "Our Marriage Vows" , "Appreciation for Bridal Party Members" etc. Certificates

  • Folder style Registers - alternative to the Canprint Hand-written Book Style - advantages for ALL marriage celebrants, but especially NSW and Victorian celebrants who do registrations online!

  • Celebrant Albums - for reading the ceremony

  • TCN Marriage Envelopes - larger than Canprint's

  • Clear Acid Free Plastic Envelopes A4 and A5 - protect certificates from drink spillage or sticky fingers!

  • Acid-free Certificate Card Blank White/ Gold; Cream/ Gold and White/ Sliver A4 and A5 - for creating your own personalised certificates

Read more about TCN Stationery for Marriage Celebrants or visit our TCN Celebrant Shop

REMEMBER: TCN members receive discounts  and Marriage Forms and Templates can be downloaded FREE by TCN members!

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