News subscribe to forumsThe Celebrants Network Forums software is state of the art. Members enjoy the best of four worlds.

  1. Fast immediate access to new posts via subscribing to a forum. This means an Alert email is sent to your Inbox with a weblink to the post so you can read and respond straight way if you wish

  2. Daily Digests with a summary of links to new topics and posts made during the previous 24 hours. These are reminders if you've missed things during the day, or as an alternative to subscribing. You can set the time of day to suit your time management best.

  3. An online archive of all the posts under their specific topics - to search through conversations that may not have been relevant to you at the time, but more useful as that comes to the fore in your work

  4. The Celebrants Network uses its forum software for educational and organisation aims - for short sharp help, discussion of more in-depth issues, projects teams to work on specific projects, professional development and OPD, committee work and, as The Celebrants Network is a national association, for annual general meetings
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