Reading forums - without digests

Choose a WEBMAIL (posts inside a website) option without a daily digest - means you need to be keen, organised and actually do this everyday!

This is useful when you are going away, and don't want digests.

Before reading how to turn off Digests (see below) . . . . 

CAUTION: TCN recommends WEBMAIL and the SIMPLE Digest as a REMINDER (daily or weekly).

However if you don't want any Digests.


1. Click the DIGESTS tab (on the left-hand drop down menu under User Control Panel)

2. Click BASICS (on the right-hand drop down menu under User Control Panel)

3. Click NONE

4. Click SUBMIT  ( NOT 'reset' as this undoes the changes!)

ccn digests none

 ONCE set up, then EACH DAY

* Login

* Click Forums

* Click Unread posts

Read Unread Posts

Or experiment with what is best for you.

Any hassles, please contact us.

TCN Coordinator

Last modified on Saturday, 16 July 2016 14:18