How to add a file or image to the forum

How to add a file or image to the forum Pixabay 362781
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1. Login to the forums

2. Locate the Forum or Post where you wish to place the file.

3. Click

1 post topic


1 post reply

to open a new post box

4. Add text as required until you are ready to insert the file

5. Click Upload Attachment

1 click attachment

6. Click Browse to locate the file in your computer

1 browse

7. Locate and highlight the file you want

8. Click Open

1 find file

9. Type in any associated comment

10. Click Add the file.

1 add file comment

11. Click your cursor back where you what to place the file

1 check inline

12. Click Place inline

1 place in line

13. Continue typing if needed

14. When finished, click Submit

1 continue submit

15.  To check the file is uploaded correctly, click View your submitted message

16. The post should look as follows.

1 final post

17. To double check you can click the underlined file to see this downloads correctly.

Any hassle, contact us

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