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Add or edit forum signature

Add or edit forum signature Pixabay 962355

The Forum Rules require that you have your full name, suburb/town and state as a minimum on all posts.

Setting this up once in the User Comtrol Panel once, means this information will automatically display - saving time

Note: If you have not registered, go to top left of the website then click Register . This is free, but TCN Membership fees apply for Members Only Forums.

To Access Your User Control Panel

  1. Login
  2. Click the FORUMS on the header
  3. Click the words User Control Panel

signature control panel

Choose Proflle in the First drop down menu

Choose Edit signature in the Second drop down menu
profile signature

NOTE: FULL NAME, TOWN, STATE - this is a minimum requirement.  

If you'd like to bold, underline or colour your signature, that can be done too.

Note: The text here may look a little strange as it is html code.

But it converts properly, when sent - Clever eh!

Click SUBMIT (not reset), when finished


To box "Attach a signature" at the bottom of a reply post or new topics - to save your typing this every time

  • Go to board preferences, then edit posting defaults
  • Make sure ATTACH SIGNATURE BY DEFAULT button is ticked and submit.

Board signature

When you make a post the box Attach Signature will already be tick so your signature will be added automatically every time you make a post 


Any hassles, contact us

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