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Participate to develop professionally

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Professional development or continuing education is not just what Commonwealth marriage celebrants must do to keep their authorisation. Professions encourage their practitioners to continue to learn through their whole careers to keep up to date with cultural, social, pyschological, technological and scientific advances.

There are a variety of ways to contnue to learrn, especially from celebrant colleagues because many are adult learners who bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience for previous occupations and personal lives.

At present celebrant forums are only being used to about 1% of their potential. TCN offers the software - every member is responsibile to use that software to encourage each other to achieve the best results for the common good.

TIP: If you don't use it, you lose it!

  • Or if you don't get started at all, you will never learn how.
  • Don't let fear get in your way - little children don't 
  • Do not let apparent negative comments get in your way. 

Give others the benefit of doubt!

Practise not taking other people's opinions personally.

  • Other people's opinions "about us" are not our business - besides how can anyone accurately be judge and jury over someone else when they have never walked in their shoes?

Practise patience and tolerance - these are important attitudes and skills for celebrants to have and/ or develop.

Practise realistic self-assessment - this is the only one that counts if you want to learn or grow.

Practise "open-mindedness" - we have a diverse range of couples and families. This is also a great way to learn - more about your own thoughts, feelings and values and how to be tactful with others.

Before sending a post

A reminder to focus on principles, not on people. ie Play the ball not the player!

And when about to send a post - check:

  1. is it kind?
  2. is it true?
  3. is it relevant?
  4. is it necessary?

Or after you have submitted your post - read it again.

  • How would you feel if this post can from someone else?

You can EDIT your post or even delete and start again.

edit delete posts

TIP: Draft in your email box and copy and paste across.

This gives a bit more time for reflection and saves lose your contribution if the website times out.

Any hassles, please contact us

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