User Control Panel - in one look

Each TCN member can set their forums to suit their own needs.

This Control Panel displays differently in a mobile friendly template.

To Access Your User Control Panel

  1. Login
  2. Click the FORUMS on the header
  3. Click the words User Control Panel

 When you click, the User Control Panel will turn red.

The User Control Panel has

  • SIX sections which can be accessed by hovering over the left hand drop down menu immediately under the "User Control Panel" name, which displays the first section 'Overview'

  • Sub-sections of each of the sex sections is accessed by hovering over the right hand drop down menu next to the section drop-down menu, which displays the first section's 'Front Page
Click webpage image on right to view these drop-down menus

Hovering over left hand side drop down menu (displayiing Overview) will give access to these SIX sections.

  • Overview
  • Profile
  • Board Preferences
  • Private messages
  • User groups
  • Digests

Once the section is chosen, hovering over the right hand side drop down menu, will give access to each subsection  

  • Overview

    > Front Page
    > Manage subscriptions
    > Manage Bookmarks
    > Manage Drafts
    > Manage Attachments

  • Profile

    >Edit profile
    > Edit signature
    > Edit avatar (Forum Image)
    > Edit account settings

  • Board Preferences

    > Edit global settings
    > Edit posting defaults
    > Edit display options

  • Private messages

    > Compose messages
    > Manage PM drafts
    > Inobx
    > Outbox
    > Sent Messages
    > Rules, folders & settings

  • User groups

    > Edit Memberships
    > Manage groups

  • Digests

    > Basics (how often and when)
    > Forums selection
    > Post filters
    > Additional Criteria (links only or all the text)
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