Why choose a professional celebrant from The Celebrant Network?

Australian celebrants are gold Australian celebrants are gold
Look for a professional civil celebrant who belongs to a professional celebrant association such as The Celebrant Network Inc.

Make this your highest priority in choosing your celebrant . . . because
  • you want the best for that special occasion - it can never be repeated!
  • you want to ensure all the legal requirements are met
  • the Australian way is different to (and we think better than) the UK or American way of celebrating a marriage, funeral or any other major life event!
Why choose a professional celebrant from The Celebrant Network?
  • The Celebrant Network Inc is a member of Australia's peak celebrant body CoCA -The Coalition of Celebrant Associations 
  • CoCA associations work together to raise the standards of celebrants delivering marriage and other ceremonies to the Australian public
  • TCN Inc promotes and supports marriage equality and celebrant equality - one law without religious or other discrimination for all couples and their celebrants

A professional civil celebrant in private practice

  • is a member of a professional celebrant association
  • cares about the quality of the service they provide, whether they work part-time or full-time as a professional celebrant
  • stays up to date with legal changes that can affect your lives in the future
  • carries the full legal responsibility under law for the documentation, witnessing and registration of marriage ceremonies.
  • is part of a network of other professional celebrants that can be called upon should they have a serious accident or illness
  • gathers ideas from their celebrant colleagues to expand the range of ceremony options and inclusions to make sure your family's celebration needs are met
  • spends extra time in researching, designing and preparing your personalised ceremony - the ceremony on the day is only the 'tip of the iceberg' of what you are paying for
  • pays extra to ensure they can offer you a broad range of ceremony inclusions without breaking copyright laws
  • pays extra to ensure they have up-to-date quality equipment and other resources
  • pays extra to meet council and other venues operating conditions
  • does ceremonies other than weddings to continue to build their ceremonial experience and expertise.

Always make sure that you choose a professional civil celebrant who belongs to a celebrant association. 

There are ways to keep the costs of your celebration down and still afford a professional celebrant!  

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