How can I afford a professional celebrant?

There are many ways to save money There are many ways to save money Pixabay

- and keep costs down?

There are many ways to economise on your celebration without risking the quality of what makes your occasion special - the ceremony!

After all you can party anytime - it is the ceremony that makes the celebration different.

A quality personalised ceremony designed and delivered by a professional celebrant makes the occasion special and builds great memories for the future.

Some suggestions for keeping costs down:

  • prioritise your budget to the things that are most important for you now and in the future - being relaxed with family and friends, looking good and having photos, creating great memories
  • check out a range of venues- there are often community centres and halls that can be hired and dressed up with a festive look without a lot of expense 
  • consider a late morning event followed by lunch, or early afternoon followed by afternoon tea, or an early morning followed by breakfast!
  • choose winter or weekdays to celebrate - you may get discounted prices
  • ask some friends to help out with ideas and decoration - people love to feel part of the event rather than just observers.
  • borrow or hire rather than buy those things you are unlikely to ever use again.
  • ask guests to bring a plate and their own drinks rather than an expensive gift - and engage a couple of helpers to look after the food and do the cleaning up for you. The last thing you want is to face a big clean up afterwards.
  • ask close friends and family to contribute towards the expenses of the day rather than giving a gift.
  • talk to your celebrant about giving you ceremony git vouchers to cover the cost of the ceremony>

    Parents, grandparents or close friends may love to contribute a part of the celebrant fee rather than buy a gift you may not need or appreciate.

    Making sure your ceremony is meaningful and great centre piece of the gathering is the gift you will never forget and always appreciate.

    And their support something you can publicly thank them for during the ceremony or at the reception.

A quality celebration gives you and your guests pleasure on the day and a wonderful talking point in the future.


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