Why have a ceremony?

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Add a ceremony to your celebration!

We all know a celebration is a way we mark important rites of passage.

Have you ever been to a party to celebrate a special occasion, had a few drinks, good food and a few laughs but come away with the sense that something was missing?

Maybe that missing "something" was a ceremony to mark the occasion.

Ceremony is an Act of Love - quality time spent together, a way of re-connecting to the meaningful core of the event. 
Gary Chapman, a popular author and relationship counsellor, says there are five basic ways people express how they care about others.  In his book titled The Five Love Languages # , Chapman says these are:

• Quality Time (Time set aside to concentrate and focus on relationship)
Words of affirmation
• Acts of service
• Gift giving
• Touch

Chapman also indicates that most of us have one or two primary ways we receive and give love, the latter being most important for those we celebrate.

A well planned celebration with ceremony uses all five expressions of our love and care, so in essence is AN ACT OF LOVE. 

Having a planned ceremony to start a celebration has all the love languages:

  • Quality Time - The time set aside for the ceremony to concentrate on an important event
  • Words of affirmation - Speeches, poetry and prose
  • Acts of service - Participating in and/or attending
  • Gift giving - A group gift such as the Ceremony itself, paid for as a combined present, and/or an Appreciation Album, or Individual presents.
  • Touch - Handshakes or hugs

There are many occasions to think about as a time to offer a group gift:

  • major birthdays
  • special anniversaries
  • graduation
  • retirement
  • mothers' or fathers' days, or
  • any other day of special significance

Let's celebrate people while they are alive!  Why wait until family or friends are too old or dead to express our appreciation of the part they have played in our lives? 

# Reference:

A professional TCN civil celebrant can work with you to create a meaningful ceremony to celebrate the occasion.

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