Add a ceremony to your celebration!

Many occasions deserve a ceremony Many occasions deserve a ceremony Pixabay

Within the very busy and time poor world of today, seldom do we take the time to honour some of the vital and important ‘things and people’ in our everyday lives.

True we celebrate Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, and so on, but when it comes to expressions of love and gratitude to certain people, especially our close family and friends, we are inclined to fall into the ‘commercial trappings’ . . . for up until now, there have been few alternative options.

The The Celebrants Network – TCN is taking the initiative to promote adding personalised and meaningful ceremony to a celebration - whether that be a Wedding Anniversary or Birthday; or special national or international day such as Valentine's Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day,  Anzac Day, Australia Day.

See some ideas in our TCN Calendar.

Ceremonies allow us to take time out to reflect, to praise, to uphold and convey our expressions of deep gratitude and love. From the small and intimate to the large, traditional or alternative, a professional civil celebrant will work with you in providing a memorable special celebration.

Why do we need to "add a ceremony"?

As Australians we celebrate rather poorly. We  are afraid of being 'big-headed' or 'tall poppies' in case someone cuts us down to size. We do not respect anyone being emotional unless it genuinely comes from the heart - otherwise it's seen as the psychological equivalent of "putting on the dog".

This does mean however, that when opportunities comes for us to genuinely express our love for close ones and how much we value the friendship of others,  all we manage to do is have a bit of a "booze-up" with a few words thrown in at a bar-b-que or an up-market equivalent.

Either way we over-indulge on food and drink that is not so good for us, and starve ourselves of genuinely memorable and meaningful, interesting, fun, touching heart-warming times together, where young and old can truly feel supported and connected to their family or community.

That's why The Celebrants Network Inc encourages everyone to consider making a positive contribution to our Australian way of life by

  • Adding a ceremony to the celebration - using special days such as Mother's Day, Valentines Day etc to give the gift of love in the form of a ceremony (See some ideas in our TCN Calendar)
  • Raise money for a Charity or Non-profit Organisation by having a "Party With A Purpose".
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