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A "this is your life" ceremony involves prior research and preparation of both content and participants, a life summary of significant events and tributes in person or via audio-visual media.

Such ceremonies may also involve music, singing, story-telling, poetry, prose and could also involve dance, processions and the use of symbols such as lighting candles or using Dreams & Treasure boxes.

The role of a celebrant would be to:

  • work with the Family/friends to plan the ceremony so that its form and content are psychologically and socially appropriate
  • interview the guest of honour or close family and friends to create a "Life Story Album" with text and photos
  • organise the development of a DVD pictorial review if desired
  • organise an Appreciation Album for guest contributions
  • lead and guide the ceremony through its various stages to a fitting conclusion.

A Sample Format for Ceremony:

  • Welcome
  • Introduction
  • Reading
  • Person's Story - Stories around birth and family/ historical context
    - Reminiscences - Reading - Music from the era
  • Person's Story - Part 2 The earlier years, adventures, challenges and achievements
    - Reminiscences - Reading - Music from the era
  • DVD part 1
  • Person's Story - Part 3 The later years, adventures, treasured memories, wisdom gained
    - Reminiscences - Reading - Music from the era - Photos etc
  • Person's Story - Part 4 Dreams fulfilled, future plans.
  • DVD part 2?
  • Cutting the Cake, Singing
  • Toast and Presentation of Certificate, Thank yous
  • Closing Reading or Ritual
  • Guests Good Wishes
  • Conclusion

Obviously there are many variations on the way such a ceremony may be conducted and it is certainly not essential to have all the elements listed above.

  • Talented family and friends may be willing to perform in a variety of ways.
  • Personalised rituals may be developed
  • An Appreciation Album can be given
  • Family & friends could place wishes in a wishing well
  • Overseas family or friends could link in to the ceremony by "skype"
  • DVD of photos and/or a variety of other aids may be created or used to enhance the occasion.

Remember though, that 90% of the effort in creating such a special occasion is in the organising and planning the ceremony, and 10% in the delivery.

That's why we say:

  • Let the celebration be your gift!
  • Club together to engage an independent professional celebrant to work with you to the depth you desire.

Most celebrants will offer you a variety of packages to suit your situation.

Ceremonies are usually followed by food and drink, again appropriate to the situation.

Depending on where such an event is held, such a meal could be a picnic, an BYO luncheon or afternoon tea in a community hall or a restaurant or function centre. 
Please contact us if you need assistance locating a celebrant to help you create a meaningful, memorable ceremony.

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