Why wait for someone to die to celebrate their life ?

Every significant birthday is an opportunity to express our appreciation that we have a particular family member or friend in our lives.

Perhaps you think special appreciation ceremonies are only for senior birthdays ?
Obviously birthdays for our elders are the first to come to mind.

And such celebrations can assist the family in:
  • thinking of something as a gift (how many more "things" does one need in later life?)
  • recording family history which may be used later in a variety of ways
  • providing a special time for family members to come together, which can be all too rare in our busy lives.
But life can be short. Tragically younger people can be killed in accidents or contract fatal illnesses. We have no guarantees for the three score years and ten.

Whether the person is 21 or approaching 61, there are opportunities to club together to create a very special event as our combined gift.

Not just any event like a party with the odd speeches. But a well planned time for a meaningful ceremony, with participation by family and friends.

There are plenty of years between milestone birthdays like 40, 50, 60, 70 and so on for people to give individual gifts.

One increasingly popular style is a "This is Your Life" style ceremony.

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