Coming of Citizenship Age - Elements for the ceremony

Coming of Citizenship Age - Elements for the ceremony Pixabay 563026

Coming of Citizenship Age ceremony

- A suggested format


Welcome to Country -or- Acknowledgement of Country

Opening Song
National Anthem - lead by local choir.


What is Australian Citizenship Day?
Why are we celebrating Australian Citizenship?


Message from the Governor General - 3 minutes - on DVD
Message from the Prime Minister - 3 minutes on DVD

Outline of Rights & Responsibilitiescertificate of adulthood 3L 250

Story telling by some "community elders" - men and women
From respected Local Government; Chamber of Commerce; Non-profit Groups; Artists & Musicians; etc.

See: Article Certificate of Adulthood


Message from the Local Federal Member 3 minutes on DVD
Message from the Local State Member 3 minutes on DVD

Gathering of the 18 year olds

All 18 year olds ask to make a procession to the front.

Presentation from group entering Adulthood

This to be prepared in advance - perhaps in year 10 at school and refined by year 12.

Affirmation Ceremony by all 18 year old and those present who choose to join them

As an Australian citizen
I affirm my loyalty to Australia and its people,
whose democratic beliefs I share,
whose rights and liberties I respect,
and whose laws I uphold and obey.

Presentation of Medallions

Designed by national competition - produced by government, and purchased by local planning groups.

Meet Your Community SegmentDiscovertDemocracyMedalsmall

Ceremony leader to ask different segments of the audience to stand for a minute:

For example:
Please rise

Anyone here
who born overseas
or whose parent was born overseas?
who is of Australian aborigine or Torres Strait descent?
who is of convict descent?

who is an Australian citizen?

Anyone here
who is a parent or grandparent?
who is an uncle or aunt? brother or sister?
who has a disability?
who is a carer?
who serves as a volunteer for a community based non-profit group?

Anyone here
who works in the legal sector?
who works in the health and welfare sector?
who works in the business sector?
who works in IT and computer sector?

Anyone here
who works in the hospitality industry?

who works in the automotive and travel industry?
who works in education and training?
who works in the entertainment industry?

Anyone here
who is a professional or amateur sports-person?
who is a professional or amateur musician or
who is a professional or amateur poet or writer

I am AustralianAnyone here
who has an interest in sport and recreation
who has an interest in history and /or genealogy
who has an interest in
politics and government
who has an interest in crafts, cooking and home care
who has an interest in landscaping and gardening
who has an interest in religion and spirituality

Closing Song

We are Australian an idea from Variety Club -Youtube  > Click the video image!

And what is the Australia National Costume? 

Maybe we need to give some serious consideration to this.slouch hat

An Akubra or a Slouch Hat
Tea-shirts with a cotton over-shit
? Boots?

All present wear a white or light coloured over-shirt

  • with one's individual roles and relationships on one side of the front
    (eg mother, daughter, sister, son, boss, worker, wife, etc.)
  • one's first name and interests on the other side of the front
    (eg music, needlework, rail history, etc.)
  • one's work and skills on the back of the shirt

and decorated or embroidered as desired.

Different groups to open their over-shirt to reveal a "I am Australian" dickey.


Lunch or  afternoon tea - with healthy food and drinks

NB. The Over-shirts (like name tags) to assist with making the gathering more inclusive. oz dickey shirt 1 250

For more information, contact Rona Goold



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