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No-one likes to talk about fees for funerals, memorials and other services!

This is especially true for those of us who work as celebrants, where we experience first hand the family and other loved ones' grief  and difficulties in coping with their loss.

However in many parts of Australia, many people are unaware that the ceremony is only a very small component of the overall cost of a funeral. purchased from a funeral company. This cost was originally

  • designed for religious celebrants, who receive a church stipend, accommodation, vehicle access and other direct and indirect support which can be accessed in monetary terms, and

  • comes from the days when most Australians were church goers and were able to "lay-buy" their christenings, weddings and funerals through voluntary donations via the weekly "plate".

However, Civil Celebrants are independent professionals in private practice who need to cover all their own overheads and to make an hourly rate for their time to be able to offer their very valuable and much needed services.

We believe the funeral or memorial ceremony is the most important part of honouring the life of a loved one, because when family and friends put time and effort into creating a wonderful "send-off" with the assistance of an experienced civil funeral celebrant, the person's life is honoured in all its facts, not just religious, and the deceased relationship's with all the mourners present is respected.

After all, the most memorable part of a funeral when one thinks back, is not the coffin or the flowers as wonderful as they may be, but the care with which the ceremony is planned and conducted, words of affirmation, the music, and heart-felt contributions of family and friends.

The Funeral Celebrant's Fees are based on a number of aspects of the services they provide:

  • their expertise and time in preparing for and delivering the ceremony or service, not just the time of the ceremony itself
  • the cost of their ongoing professional development
  • the general operating costs of running a professional private practice
  • the specific travel and other costs associated with a specific service for a specific person, family or group


Always feel free to ask about the Funeral Celebrant's Fee when you call them to inquire about their services. Usually the Celebrant will give you a firm quote if required, or a schedule of fees so you and your family should have no surprises when it comes to the Celebrant's Invoice.

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