In Leaving You Behind ...

Perhaps with time, this painful state, fades softly from your mind
I hope and pray a piece of me, I’ll quietly leave behind
My words, my actions, my spirit - the good I gently sieved
From the patterned lace of life, the tapestry I weaved.
Each tiny stitch as years passed by, bravely etched in gold
To fulfil dreams that I perceived, though buffeted and cold
The purpose of my life was real, each passing day and week
I often tried, but sometimes failed, the objectives I did seek.

If one day remembering, you hold my photo in your hand
A day when memories wash around, like waves upon the sand
Please forgive the things I said, in thoughtless frame of mind
Those wasted days, or hasty words, forgetfulness do find
For the happiness I searched in life, some joke, a song or rhyme
The bliss when targets were achieved, through dilemmas of time
The scars, the scrapes, the knocks and breaks, my soul did freely fend
I hope at last a peaceful shore is awaiting me round the bend.

Goodbye my precious loved ones..
I thank you for having spent some special time with me....

(c) Ruth Van Gramberg

Little Pebbles and Stepping Stones
Compositions from the hear
by Ruth Van Gramberg - 2005
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