Benefits of planning

Benefits of planning Pixabay 186615

The world is changing - and with it the way we live and the way we die.

This is especially true for Australians as we find our unique ways to celebrate and honour all of life's stages.

There are many factors that make change both important and necessary:

  • there is no escape clause with life - it's not a matter of 'if we die" rather "when"
  • we are living longer - perhaps even out living our children
  • depression, memory loss and dementia affect a significant and growing proportion of older people
  • we have less children and for a significant proportion of older people none
  • our families are scattered wide and far - sometimes across the planet
  • finding time to focus on the important things in life can be a challenge
  • our 'magical' thinking can have us believe that planning for an end can somehow hasten its arrival
  • our finances are under increasing strain, especially for older or retired people
  • the old-time religions are not meeting the needs of the hearts and spirits of many contemporary people
  • the dying process and body disposal has been largely 'outsourced' from the family to specialist services with both benefits and drawbacks
  • we know less about our funeral and memorials options than we did a century ago 

 All the above can make for an overwhelming and daunting task to face alone.

No need to be so anxious.

Information and support, especially by engaging an independent professional funeral celebrant help to lift that burden.

Knowledge is power and opens new doors often hidden in the hustle and bustle of life.

So what are the benefits of taking stock and making plans for your final farewell?

  • You can relax and get on with life, knowing that when the time comes, you have plans in place that were made when your mental and emotional functioning were at their best
  • Your loved ones are saved the extra burden of trying to 'intuit' what your wishes might have been, when they are trying to cope with your loss
  • You can find the option that best suits yours and your families' spiritual and financial needs
  • You can review your life and find the rich tapestry that it has been - "the good, the bad and the ugly" which every person has experienced in some form or another
  • You can pass on your insights and wisdom to others, or perhaps a light-hearted story or three

You may be comfortable discussing your funeral plans, however it may be that your loved ones don’t want to know about it! 

That's why planning not only will assist your loved ones in the event of your death, but can be a wonderful exercise in taking the time to reflect about your life.

Time to reminisce over significant events in your life, the things you love most in life and all the other little details which make you the unique individual that you are. 

It also gives you an opportunity to really think about how you would like your family and friends to farewell you when that day comes. How you want to be remembered in life.

Taking the worry and stress off family members when that day comes, will mean they appreciate and love you all the more for doing so.

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