Wedding anniversary - group gift?

Wedding anniversary - group gift? Pixabay 57651

Let the celebration of a wedding anniversary be your group gift!

Why not group together and engage a celebrant to ensure the occasion has a personal and meaningful event to start the celebration?

Celebrating wedding anniversaries with a ceremony is a relatively new trend that is catching on, especially for the major milestones such as 10, 25, 40, 50 and 60+ year anniversaries. 

At 10 years, the ceremony might involve the couple and their guests reflecting on how their relationship had grown over the decade and their achievements and challenges.  Their ceremony may bring together the family and friends who were at their wedding as well as new additions to the family.  It may involve renewing their promises to each other and thinking more about the the characteristics of a good strong marriage.

After 40 years, an anniversary ceremony is an opportunity to bring together the generations and create family history. The ceremony might involve not only the "facts and figures" related to the marriage but recollections from those present.  It is an ideal time for family members to pay tribute to the couple so that they realise how influential their lives have been. 

Younger generations present at the ceremony will be able to:

  • know much more about older people’s lives.
  • hear about the many ways to live a useful and rewarding life
  • hear family stories of loss, failure and dealing with adversity
  • experience the satisfaction of previous generation’s achievements

Guests, including children might showcase their talents with, for example musical tributes, special poems or readings that celebrate the couple and their marriage.

As people get older it often seems harder to find a suitable present to celebrate special occasions.  A TCN celebrant can work with you to design a ceremony to meet your needs.

Why not consider engaging a TCN celebrant as your combined group gift, rather than buying individual presents.

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