Anniversary symbols and flowers

Anniversary symbols and flowers Pixabay 61710

Perhaps we can look at past traditions to spark ideas about a theme for a group present?

Some of the traditional symbols for anniversaries are below and can be used as a theme  for the ceremony or for part of a ceremony.

For example this is a example created by Rona Goold Civil Marriage Celebrant NSW for a 15th Wedding Anniversary.

The symbols for a 15thAnniversary, the material “crystal” and flower, the “rose”, are most apt in this couple’s  case.

Crystal is a special type of glass, to which lead has been added. Glass is formed from sand and potash being heated at huge temperatures. Two seemingly ordinary natural materials when blended together under great pressure form the most amazingly transparent and functional of substances.

Talking with G and C, I have a sense of their wonder at how “ordinary” they see themselves as individuals, but how precious and valuable they  see their union.

Marrying later in life, means we may bring some “lead”, our previous joys and sorrows, to the relationship. Like lead, which brings a richness to glass, being more mature, can bring a  richness to our relationships. For others it is the shared journey of their first 15 years of relationship, their joint pains and joys, that bring the ‘lead’ to their marriage.

This addition of lead to glass brings extra strength and beauty to the objects created in it. Extra transparency and even the ability to make the glass sing – if one rubs a wet finger around the edge of a crystal glass rim – or the heart sing as it case may be.

NB Later in the ceremony instead of rings, our couple exchanged red roses.

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