Overview of Approved OPD for Celebrants

Ongoing professional development is

  • a great opportunity to extend your learning and / or network with other celebrants
  • also a requirement for continued registration as a marriage celebrant.

2014 OPD will consist of

  • One 2 hour compulsory session AND
  • Three hours of elective OPD sessions (taken as 1, 2 or 3 separate units that total at least 3 hours)

Celebrants and Celebrations Network, a part of CCN Inc, is not an OPD provider. However the CCN does aim to

  • provide comprehensive information about your OPD options as a marriage celebrants, as approved by the OPD providers, and
  • where possible, negotiates OPD discounts for CCN members

Ongoing professional development

  • You must complete five hours of professional development activities each year.
  • This includes compulsory and elective activities.
  • Disciplinary measures may be imposed on you if you fail to complete this obligation.
  • Information on OPD providers is available on the Attorney General's Website - Marriage Law and Celebrant Section.

There are tour approved OPD providers delivering these activities

All providers have offered special discounts to CCN.

Details for some of their OPD programs to be displayed here in our CCN OPD Calendar:

You need to contact OPD Providers directly for up-to-date information, and booking your OPD.

  • There are face-to-face and distance education options.

Newly appointed marriage celebrants

Some RTOS have incorrectly told their students that there are exemptions for all new marriage celebrants  - NOT TRUE!

That previous policy has been withdrawn. Exemptions depend on the Marriage Law & Celebrant Section's current rulings.

Please CHECK your Letter of Appointment to see what your OPD obligations are!