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Information for SGM 2019 - Association Name Change

1 August 2019

Important Information for all TCN members

The TCN National Committee wants to ensure that the association continues to flourish into the future.  

Since its inception TCN has been a thought leader in the celebrant world responding well to an ever changing environment. 

TCN has been at the forefront in

  • promoting the benefits of ceremony to the community 
  • being an association for all celebrants whether marriage, funeral or general 
  • the projects we develop
  • our use of technology to link celebrants nationally
  • our use of social media 
  • our support for our members; and 
  • member services such as the shop. 

We are looking at ways to continue to remain relevant for the future.

What does the Committee propose?

Changing the name of the association to The Celebrants Network Inc.  This name is clear, concise and unambiguous.

Our current acronym TCN is often misquoted as CNN (the news network) and our full name does not convey who we are or what we do - particularly to the public or to new celebrants looking for a supportive association. Often members themselves are not sure of our full name!

What else will change?

A number of changes will support a new name.  We have commenced discussion with a designer to develop a new logo that better reflects a modern, established, forward thinking organisation. 

Our "opening rose" has served us well during the past decade but many members have commented that it is now dated.  We plan to have options for consideration early in September.

A new name and logo will require additional changes including to the Constitution, our website, our social media,  official documents and information for institutions and other businesses. 

The Committee has agreed to undertake this additional work throughout the year in order to present a coherent refreshed image for the future.

What won't change?

TCN's core philosophies will not change :

  • promoting the benefits of ceremony,
  • promoting our members,
  • providing support and information and
  • delivering member services such as our shop and insurance.  

Similarly our principles of professionalism, innovation, inclusiveness, equality, transparency and democracy will not change.  

What happens next?

We will hold a Special General Meeting (SGM) to enable TCN members to vote on the motion to change the name.  This meeting will be held on a special forum similar to the way we held the recent AGM.  There will be a 24 hour voting period so that everyone can participate. 

You will receive Notice of the Meeting and the Motion being put to the members in an emailed newsletter on Sunday 4 August.  

The SGM forum will be set up with a section for questions and discussion prior to voting.  

Voting will take place from 9.00am Wednesday 28th August to 9.00am Thursday 29 August 2019 and we hope every member will have their say.

Sonia Collins


TCN National Committee 

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