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Welcome to The Celebrants Network Inc.

 - the progressive national celebrant association -

Promoting civil ceremonies and celebrations for everyone

The Celebrants Network Inc members are marriage celebrants; memorial and funeral celebrants; family and naming celebrants, celebrants for all occasions.

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Latest Blog Posts

Shell Brown
26 August 2023
Have you ever wondered about what wedding anniversary symbols are all about? No one knows precisely when wedding anniversaries were first celebrated, but the tradition is believed to go back at least to the Middle Ages.  At that time in the Germ...
Roslyn McFarlane
28 April 2023

There are a number of things to consider when deciding to go to a Conference. 

By Roslyn McFarlane 

Melanie Lawson
08 August 2022
The 8th of August is Dying to Know Day - a day to start a conversation about death and dying.  We tend to avoid talking about death, grief and loss despite this being something that affects all of us.  Dying to Know Day encourages us to tal...