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Welcome to The Celebrants Network Inc.

 - the progressive national celebrant association -

Promoting civil ceremonies and celebrations for everyone

The Celebrants Network Inc members are marriage celebrants; memorial and funeral celebrants; family and naming celebrants, celebrants for all occasions.

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Latest Blog Posts

Melanie Lawson
02 December 2021
Each year, December 3 marks the International Day of People with Disability.  This day aims to raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability. Celebrant Melanie Lawson spoke with her friend, Carolyn about how we, as cele...
Sonia Collins
18 November 2021
In 2023 we will be celebrating 50 years of a civil celebrant program in Australia.  In today’s blog celebrant Sonia Collins gives a brief history of the program as part of our celebrations for World Celebrants Week 2021....
Melanie Lawson
11 November 2021
It is very easy to get overwhelmed during your wedding planning, so the first thing you need to decide is are you having a wedding or are you gettng married?  Celebrant Melanie Lawson from Oberon, NSW explains why your wedding isn't a competitio...