Wendy Haynes

Celebrant... Author... Trainer
Celebrant background: With a love of improvised theatre and connecting with other people, my celebrancy practice and training programs in the last 25 years have flourished combined with my love of creative writing and practicing mindfulness and nonviolent communication (NVC).
I feel inspired, nourished and totally blessed by what unfolds when working with family, friends and community members.

My credo... 'contribute from stillness' and enjoy!

25 years, over 1500 ceremonies and still a great love of what I offer. With a wide network of inspiring colleagues and awesome families that I have worked with and an encouraging support network of family and friends that sustain and love me along the way - this work feels more like play!
Why I'm a celebrant: I was attending my partner's friends wedding in a Sydney registry office. After the registrar pronounced the couple to be married the father of the groom declared, 'Well, son, now you have a ball and chain for the rest of your life'.

I was shocked and while I didn't know the couple very well, after a comment like thatl I could not help but raise my glass and make another toast that immediately released the tension in the air. The registrar came up to me afterwards and said, 'young lady you should become a celebrant!' and so I applied. That was in 1992!
Treasured memories: So many wonderful memories of ceremonies and couples - one ceremony that comes to mind was held in a little chapel by the beach. I woke at 4am and after getting ready arrived at the resort in the dark.
The pathway to the chapel was lined with the flickering light of small candles. The air was still and it was very quiet.
As I got closer I could hear the excited voices of family and friends gathered in the courtyard which was lit by more candles.
The ceremony was for two doctors who both volunteered overseas in AID projects so they had included a blessing and special touches that made it deeply meaningful for them.
I pronounced the couple husband and wife and we headed down to the beach in the predawn light to watch the sunrise over the ocean.
The simplicity and the beauty of their love and their ceremony really touched me.
Tips : Arrange your wedding plans so that all preparations are completed a day before your wedding date.
This will give you plenty of time to relax and spend time with your family and friends especially those who may have travelled to be with you.
and I'd like to say: May you be blessed with a fabulous celebration and a long and happy marriage!
Areas serviced: Coffs Harbour, NORTH COAST and NORTHERN RIVERS
Celebrant Town/ Suburb: Emerald Beach
State: New South Wales
Phone: 0422507517