Tips for adding or editing a directory entry

Tips for adding or editing a directory entry Pixabay 1249568


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  • Always check the PINK Field Label on the left hand side on the Add Entry Form for extra information

  • Prepare you content first, especially for longer text areas, and save in in a text/ word file (and update when needed) - see below.

  • If you are not very confident, Members (must be logged in to view) may like to check out the section "For web noviceswhich is in the CELEBRANTS Section.

Word Files to assist in preparation:

For the Celebrant Directory, download and complete this form  ...


For the Party With A Purpose Directory, download and complete this form  ...



Because if the website or your internet connection times out, you will not lose your work. 
  • Check out the "Add Entry" page
  • Remember there may be tips in pink Field Label on the Entry Form to help with this
  • Answer the questions, especially the long ones as you think best, and save in a word or other text file.
  • Then copy and paste across as needed.

Check your entries regularly

Our plans are renewed annually, but your information can change at any time throughout the year, so it’s always a good idea to check that your content is current and that your contact details are correct.

Always update your contact details as soon as they change.

Reviewing your content every few months helps you to critique what you have written with a fresh set of eyes.


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Any hassles, always contact us

After all, we are here to help make TCN the best resource for our members and the public.

  • Have we answered your questions?

  • Do you have some suggestions about tips and points to add to our instructions?

  • If you need more explanation or have suggestions, contact us

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