Add entry listing image

This task involves your choosing an image to add to your directory entry.

If you need to understand some basic measures of images see:

What image to choose?

Usually it is best to choose:

1. an image of yourself

Our clients do want to know we do not have a 2 cm black wart on the end of our nose!

But - also we do not get a second chance at a first impression!

2. one tells a story about you - not just a "no frills - warts and all"

That said - what story puts you in the best light for what you offer -

a garden, a ceremony showing you to the side, sitting at your desk ?

3. What size image is needed for this directory?

The Celebrant Directory is set to load an image of 800 ]pixels in  width.

So for this directory make your image that size.

Please note: that you may need to resize larger  images down in size to keep the clarity

i.e. trying to make a small image larger will make it fuzzer - unless you are using images with larger dpi sizes which is beyond the scope of this OPD.

The directory software will automatically resize the image so all are the same width in the directory list.

If you do not have software for resizing your images, this one may work for you. It is called  EasyPhotoEdit

You install the software, upload your image, [b]resize to the size [/b]required then download into your computer.

Then login to your entry and upload the resized image.

TCN has made a video tutorial to give you an idea of how to manage this:

Do not have  photos 

There are a number of free photo website you may use.

This website enables you to search several of these. It is call  Free Image Search.

Here is TCN's video tutorial.

And if you want to crop am image, TCN has made a video tutorial on this function:

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