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Branding is using an image to convey a message. If used over consistently time in a variety of places with lots of exposure, that image can become linked in people's minds with a specific organisation our company

For example, think about the Commonwealth Bank. What image comes to mind?

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The TCN Rose & Ribbon 

  • Flowers are associated with all ceremonies and celebrations, especially weddings and funerals
  • Flowers are often gifts of love and friendship
  • The Rose is the Western symbol of wholeness, as is the Lotus flower for the Eastern tradition
  • The Rose is also as a symbol of love
  • Red is a symbol of life and passion
  • The TCN rose is not a bud, nor fully open. As such it is in transition like rites of passage that are used to mark lifes changes or transitions.
  • Ribbons are often used as symbols of celebration, and also associated with gifts.

 The TCN Motto - 'Let the Celebration be Your Gift'

  • Motto are short memorable messages and ways of reinforcing suggestions for people to behave in a particular way.
  • As celebrants, we know the value of ceremony as a "Gift of Love" using the five love languages.
  • We also want to encourage families to "Add a Ceremony to the Celebration" as this would also bring us more work :-)
  • Many people, especially older ones,  do not need more things. And many people these days are valuing experiences oer material possessions
  • As celebrations can be expensive events, this motto aims to encourage people to consider the "Group" gift of a ceremony.
    ie Instead of everyone bringing a individual gift, quests can pool their money to engage for a celebrant to deliver a personalised ceremony.
  • As celebrants we need to offer celebration packages (or quotes) and Gift Certificates, so families can have a practical way to share the cost of the celebrant's fee.

Therefore making sure your website and other promotion tools use the TCN Logo is another way you can help to spread the message, and create awareness that you are a "Celebrant for All Occasions"

Or to promote the idea - "Celebrate with ceremony'

This is also another way of creating a point of difference between the 70% of celebrants who do not belong to associations, and the other 30% of celebrants who do belong to another association.

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