TCN CAL Celebrant group copyright licence overview

CCN CAL Celebrant group copyright licence overview Pixabay 533541

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enabling you to use copyrighted material in your ceremonies

PLUS Digital options such as

  • holding poetry and prose in your computer
  • making sample ceremony workbooks
  • emailing samples to your couples
  • making memento copies of the ceremony and
  • providing a poem/ prose  for a reader to use, or
  • even printing the program with a piece of prose on it. 

This Copyright Licence also covers you for

  • exchange poetry and prose in our web-base special forum that is set up for that purpose.
  • the printing of lyrics as above, but not the music,
  • online sharing of copyrighted materials such as poetry and prose, unless the works are not covered by the CAL Licence.To this end, the TCN has a  separate closed forum for only Group Policy holders to share and only share poetry, prose and other copyrighted material to aid in their ceremonial work on a special TCN-CAL Forum here.

 CAL Copyright celebrants licence overview

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