Difference between CAL Copyright LICENCE and insurance

Difference between CAL Copyright LICENCE and insurance Pixabay 323

There is a significant difference between the CAL Copyright Licence and the Copyright Insurance Extension that Arthur J Gallagher (formerly OAMPS has and that other Celebrant Insurers may have.

The Celebrants Network Inc recommends celebrants take the CAL Copyright Licence - purchase with your membership.

  •  A CAL licence grants permission as well as  indemnifies the celebrant against unauthorised use, whereas Arthur J Gallagher (formerly OAMPS) is only insurance against being sued for infringement.

Insurance Cover is NOT the same as the CAL licence

Copyright licence insurance

AJ Gallagher COPYRIGHT EXTENSION COST CLAUSE:2.2.7          Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights

The INSURED is indemnified for any CLAIM first made against the INSURED and notified to W. R. BERKLEY during the POLICY PERIOD which the INSURED may become legally liable to pay as a result of an inadvertent infringement or alleged infringement of another party’s INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS which arises out of the exercise and conduct of the INSURED’s BUSINESS.

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