Ongoing professional development (OPD) requirements for celebrants are determined by the Attorney General's department.

Changes to the OPD requirements commenced in January 2022.  Celebrants no longer need to complete the annual 5 hours of OPD with a Registered Training Organisation.

  • Celebrants are required to complete a compulsory 1 - 2 hour unit online through the AG website portal - There is no charge for this unit.

We suggest that you do not leave OPD to the end of the year to avoid possible de-registration

Exemptions from OPD via the Attorney-General's Department must be approved in advance - last minute problems may not be acceptable.


The Celebrants Network Inc OPD Zoom Events - "Keys to Success" series

The Celebrants Network offers free and low cost ZOOM sessions to small groups of members and student members, on a range of celebrancy topics throughout the year. 

Some events may also be opened to other interested celebrants and community members.

Click here to see what is available OPD Events

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Activities will be offered at a nominal cost to members or in some cases free.  This may also be available as a part of our bi-Annual Conferences.