Membership for family celebrants

Are you considering offering  

  • All ceremonies except marriage?
  • Or All ceremonies except marriage and funerals?

Family (or Community) celebrants is a term usually used to cover celebrants who offer ceremonies other than marriage.

The Celebrants Network Inc does not require you to be an Authorised Marriage Celebrant to be a member. 

Remaining as a family celebrant may be an option for those authorised marriage celebrants who want to continue to offer services to their communities but who have decided to resign their appointments as Commonwealth Marriage Celebrants.

If this is you, then we encourage you to join our national professional celebrant association

You will have access to all our member benefits including entry/s in our Celebrant Directory.

Join here

We recommends that you

  • take out Insurance and Copyright cover for your work, and
  • continue to do ongoing professional development activities, though not necessarily those that the Attorney General requires of Marriage Celebrants,
    eg Learning days, or attendance at conferences or network meetings

Contact us if you would like more information.




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