How to update your account

How to update your account Pixabay 621830


Click Home
Click Members or Celebrants (if you are a non-member)
Click Your Account

Scroll down - find Site Users on the right hand side.

Site users old

Click Edit -  to update your Password here, Forum Images, Contact Information etc.

update account

1. If you want to change your Canvas image - click the drop down menu 

Click Update when complete

update canvas

2. If you want to

  • change your email
  • change your username
  • change your password 
  • add to or edit your other information

Click Colleagues Info

Do not change your Real Name or we will have no way of matching you to your orders or directory entires etc.
The other information is displayed on your Account front page

colleagues info

When complete click Update 

update often

3. If you want to change your Forum image - click  Update Forum Image

  • then the drop down menu 

forum image via account

If you choose a gallery image:

  • Select the image from gallery
  • Then click Update

upload gallery image

If you want to choose an image of your own

  • Choose Upload new image

  • Click Choose File

  • Then click Open

load own image

  • Click Update when complete

Please contact us if you need any assistance

Last modified on Saturday, 23 March 2019 16:33