Change username, password, contact details

Change username, password, contact details Pixabay 145069

If you want to

  • change your email
  • change your username
  • change your password 
  • add to or edit your other information

    Do not change your Real Name or we will have no way of matching you to your orders or directory entires etc.
  1. Login

  2. Click Members (or Celebrants if you are not a TCN member

  3. Click Membership Details under Site Users on the right hand side

Site users 1

NOTE: Your User Profile will be displayed

4. Edit items required here -  to update your Password here abd other Contact Information etc.

5. Click Update.


Click Upadte


  NOTE: Here you can see your Membership/ (My Subscription and Subscription History by clicking  the appropriate tab next to the My Profile tab at the top..

 User profile

Please contact us if you need any assistance

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