Preparing text & loading text into web page

Preparing text & loading text into web page Pixabay 846088

A. PREPARING TEXT to be inserted into a webpage

Plain text is best to use as copying text from a Word file brings with it unseen html coding which can make the page display incorrectly. To insert plain text:

1. Find the article you want to copy

2. Select All

(Note: Quick method = Control+A / or MAC Apple + A)

3. then Copy

(Note: Quick method = Control+C / or MAC Apple + C)

THEN >>> Wait until  Point B-5 below to Paste in.

Note: If not in a plain text with line spacing format, then either

  •  save the file as Text With Line Spacing Only in a Word file or Text Editor File


  • copy into an email (New Message), and set the Format as plain text



2.  Go to the Content Section - Click Articles from the Drop Down Menu.

3. Click New Article

4.  A new editor page will come up, then add your title.

5. Paste in text into the large Description box from section A point 3 above

(Note: Quick method = Control+V / or MAC Apple + V)

6.   Set the publising section and category as needed

   (or leave both on uncategorised and we will allocate)

7. Choose whether the page is:
    - for everyone - choose  public
    - for only registered users - choose  registered
    - for members only- choose special

8. Add in the meta- description and keywords

9. Scroll back up Click Apply (a temporary save so you can continute working) or Save

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