Lost password / username?

Lost password  / username? Pixabay 891637

Best to contact us immediately with your preferred password - we will re-set for you.

Otherwise the website sends a goobleygook password that's likely to confuse you.

We are friendly, kind and usually prompt. We'd rather help you use our websites, then lose hope and resign :-)

If you forget, do not try more than a couple of times.

Otherwise, the website will lock you out and we need to pay our web-developer  to reset your account!


  • If it's the middle of the night when we are not likely to be around and it is urgent, you can use the "Reset password" .
  • We suggest you carefully use those numbers, then immediately change your password to something you are likely to remember.
  • Remember to save the password in your browser (or record that somewhere easy to find)

For the future

 1. You need take steps to remember your Username and Password.

  • You would never say I can't do your wedding, because "I can't remember my A number"!
  • So why let yourself off the hook with Usernames and Passwords? 
    Computers won't bite :-)

2. Some suggestions:

  • Know how to get into your security settings in your browser to SAVE your Usernames and Passwords
    ie Find out how to make your Browser (recommend Chrome, Firefox) remember your Usernames & Passwords for you
  • Like to consider something else:  http://lastpass.com/
    To see how it works:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o
  • Create an email with your usernames & passwords, and save in Drafts Folder
  • Create a spreadsheet for your usernames & passwords
  • Use the same username and password for all non-essential websites
  • Sticky tape the Username and Password to your computer
  • What ever works for you

3. Make sure the TCN Website is in your Bookmarks or Favourites Folders, so you can get to it quickly

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To change username, password, contact details

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